Increasing Costs costing us the Battle against Psyllids

In this article from Ventura County we can see the battle against this insect is not going well to the north. It is likely that this will mean a continued spread of the Psyllid and the disease which it brings. It also seems from this piece that backyard citrus is to be sacrificed to save the commercial growers. This is happening because there just isn’t enough money to save the backyard trees. We will continue to monitor the fight against this insect and the dangers it poses here in Orange and Southern Los Angeles Counties. Let us all pray we can get a handle on this before there are no more oranges in Orange County.

Dangerous Ticks in San Diego

This is serious health warning from down south in San Diego County; if you hike in the area then wear insect repellent and stay out of high brush. They have found ticks in the area carrying a dangerous disease called ‘rabbit fever.’ This is only spread by ticks infected with the disease and does not transmit person to person. It is recommended you use insect repellent with DEET or Picardin. This has not yet been noted in Orange County but there is no reason it would not spread into our hiking areas as well. It is better to be safe than infected. The disease causes symptoms that include, “lymph node swelling, headache and fever... Other symptoms include a skin ulcer at the site of the bite, fatigue, body aches and nausea.” If you experience these symptoms please see a doctor immediately.

Rodents in South Orange County?

Reading the blog below in the Mission Viejo Patch it has come to our attention there is some question as to whether rodents would nest in palm trees. The question relates to shaggy, unkempt trees and if those are more likely to have rats. Roof rats are fond of palm trees in general, whether kempt or unkempt. Their nests in those trees provide them access to water and protection from natural predators. Some palms even produce fruit the rodents can use for food. In our professional opinion, yes these palms can be hosts for rodents and it won’t really matter much if the city trims them or not. Rodents are a fact of life in cities as rats are commensal animals and thrive in environments with people and landscaping. The only way for residents of Mission Viejo, or any other Orange County city, to have true peace of mind about the sounds in their attics is to have a rodent inspection performed. Most likely those sounds are what homeowners fear, rats. If they are then PacWest Exterminators can set up a rodent control service to help keep them out of your home.

Bagrada Bug has no Natural Predators

Here is another in the long list of non-native species that continue to invade Southern California. This bug invaded back in 2008 and I’ve included some additional article about this insect. The one from 2010 is interesting but this bug is now spreading north from Los Angeles. UC Riverside has a great page about invasive species and I wanted to include that if you want to learn more about this bug. These bugs are very destructive and attack cabbage, kale, broccoli, arugula, cauliflower and radish. If left unchecked by modern insecticides they will quickly destroy these crops in your local farm or home garden. Since birds, the natural predator of most insect, find this bug inedible they have no natural controls here in Orange County and Los Angeles. This has enabled them to spread quickly and pervasively. Please read to learn more about this terrible insect.

Roach Invasion

As summer approaches could we have a repeat of last year’s roach invasion? American and Oriental Roaches are known invaders of kitchens, garages, and bathrooms and you’ll need professional help. Over the counter products just don’t work well against the hardy American Roach. PacWest is the premier company at providing high quality roach control. We use only the leading products on your home to maintain the longest and best control on the market. Don’t accept cheaper substitutes that would allow repeat visits by these “icky” insects. As it warms up over the next few months let us team with you to keep your house roach free.