Bagrada Bug has no Natural Predators

Here is another in the long list of non-native species that continue to invade Southern California. This bug invaded back in 2008 and I’ve included some additional article about this insect. The one from 2010 is interesting but this bug is now spreading north from Los Angeles. UC Riverside has a great page about invasive species and I wanted to include that if you want to learn more about this bug. These bugs are very destructive and attack cabbage, kale, broccoli, arugula, cauliflower and radish. If left unchecked by modern insecticides they will quickly destroy these crops in your local farm or home garden. Since birds, the natural predator of most insect, find this bug inedible they have no natural controls here in Orange County and Los Angeles. This has enabled them to spread quickly and pervasively. Please read to learn more about this terrible insect.