Asian Citrus Psyllid could wipe out fruit in Los Angeles and Orange County

This article in the New York Times is about the absolute devastation that this little bug could cause here to our beloved Citrus fruit. Do you have an Orange Tree or a Lemon Tree in your backyard? This little bug could end that trees life.
It spreads a nasty disease called Citrus Greening via bacteria. If it infects your tree there is no known cure and the tree will be dead in 5 years. There have been areas quarantined but if people ignore these directives, and they most likely will, then it could spread all over the region destroying backyard trees and major agricultural farms alike.
This same disease has already ravaged Florida and could cost many farmers here their livelihoods. The Psyllids have already been entrenched in San Diego and a war has been waged to keep them from moving north up the 5 to Orange County. It is a very slow acting disease and a tree won’t even show symptoms for a long period of time. Commercial growers have pesticides and treatments that may allow them to hang on but Orange trees may be completely missing from homes in Orange County and our heritage may be lost. Read the Article for more information.
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Are they a Licensed Orange County Exterminator?

This is an article about the dangers of using an unlicensed exterminator. In the State of California to legally apply pesticides on a property, not your own, you must possess a license from the State Pest Control Board.
If a company does not have a license then they cannot obtain liability insurance in the State. If the company you hire does not have liability insurance and they are injured on your property than you are liable for the injury and you can be sued. This opens up homeowners to litigation and could even cost them their homes. Be sure to verify that the company you hire is licensed by the state of California, are trained to properly care for your home, and can adequately exterminate the insect that is invading your home.
PacWest Exterminators is licensed, bonded, and insured in California as well as in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We are trained in all the latest techniques and technologies in the Pest Control industry. We have the expertise and tools to care for your home and to exterminate your bug problem.
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Fascinating Ant Research in Irvine

This is some “older news” from the University of California Irvine about disrupting Argentine Ant colonies. This research about using Ant pheromones to confuse the identity of fellow colony members could one day lead to chemicals that are considerably less toxic that could be used to destroy ant colonies from within.
By confusing identifiers colonies end up attacking themselves and the social behavior of the ants is used against them. Since the ant are really being killed by each other the ‘chemicals’ are not lethal and could conceivably be less toxic or even non-toxic. The future of pest control could be very exciting!
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Interesting Insect Research in Southern California

Here is a short but intriguing article about some upcoming research at UCR into new ways to control Mosquitos. While these disease ridden pests are usually controlled by Vector Control this new growth regulation chemical could be used to help PacWest Exterminators partner with Vector to help our customers prevent Mosquito problems on their property.
Research often takes a long time to produce anything useable here in California, but it is always good to see further advancements in control techniques. Hopefully this produces something that has less mammalian toxicity and can safely pass through the California EPA. Kudos to University California Riverside for their continued advancements in insect control technologies as UCR is a well-known entomological research institution.
Introducing Birth Control in Mosquitoes