Bagrada Bug has no Natural Predators

Here is another in the long list of non-native species that continue to invade Southern California. This bug invaded back in 2008 and I’ve included some additional article about this insect. The one from 2010 is interesting but this bug is now spreading north from Los Angeles. UC Riverside has a great page about invasive species and I wanted to include that if you want to learn more about this bug. These bugs are very destructive and attack cabbage, kale, broccoli, arugula, cauliflower and radish. If left unchecked by modern insecticides they will quickly destroy these crops in your local farm or home garden. Since birds, the natural predator of most insect, find this bug inedible they have no natural controls here in Orange County and Los Angeles. This has enabled them to spread quickly and pervasively. Please read to learn more about this terrible insect.

Roach Invasion

As summer approaches could we have a repeat of last year’s roach invasion? American and Oriental Roaches are known invaders of kitchens, garages, and bathrooms and you’ll need professional help. Over the counter products just don’t work well against the hardy American Roach. PacWest is the premier company at providing high quality roach control. We use only the leading products on your home to maintain the longest and best control on the market. Don’t accept cheaper substitutes that would allow repeat visits by these “icky” insects. As it warms up over the next few months let us team with you to keep your house roach free.

Rodent Control and Protecting the Environment

While PacWest is committed to providing the best quality rodent control possible we also want to minimize our negative impact on the natural world. We fully support the EPAs intent to remove 12 D-Con products from the marketplace. Frankly, we’ve wondered aloud for a while why such dangerous and destructive rodenticides were available for sale over the counter. The active ingredient in D-Con, brodifacoum, has a very toxic profile compared to the rodenticide that PacWest uses, difethialone. In fact it takes almost 32 times the amount of difethialone compared to brodifacoum to injure an average size dog. We are committed to doing what we can to protect non-target species and household pets. We also utilize EPA approved, tamper resistant bait stations to ensure the safety of children and non-target animals. We applaud the EPA and their actions in these matters.

Invasive Super-Pest attacking Trees

Here is another disturbing article about yet another invasive insect species. This bug is attacking the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens and doing great harm. There is no known way to control it yet. There also isn’t much research about this insect yet. It was just recently given a name and was new to entomologists. They have called it the polyphagous shot-hole borer because it is willing to eat any type of tree and does so by boring into the heart of them. The outlook of this article is grim, especially considering the ability of this insect to spread across Los Angeles and Orange Counties while we are fighting off other dangerous invaders. Pestilence is returning to our shores in the form of invading insect species. These are financially destructive and destructive to our way of life. They also damage the natural beauty of our land and our ability to find respite in nature. Be careful as you travel with what you bring back.


Ants or Termites?

Here is a very useful article as spring is on its way. You find yourself invaded by flying insects, hundreds of them, and what do you do? Are they flying Ants or are they the dreaded termite? This article gives you some great information to help you make a useful diagnosis. We encourage you save some samples of the insect for a licensed inspector to confirm their identification but these tips can help you determine if you need them looked at. PacWest Exterminators is happy to help you solve all of your pest control needs, from ants to termites. Whatever you determine to be invading your home we can help. The best hope for quick and effective control of an insect is proper identification. With proper identification we can treat quickly and effectively. We hope to partner with you to keep your home pest free year round.