Bugs on a Plane

Much like the movie snakes on a plane this lady encountered Bed Bugs on her plane. While they’re not as deadly they are just as freakish. Having tiny insects crawling on you and sucking your blood for 10 hours sounds horrible! The worst part about this is the chance she will carry them with her the whole trip and even take the pesky insects home with her.
Bed bug treatments are some of the most expensive to do properly. Bed Bug inspections are not free and to do them properly it takes at least an hour per room or more. The time involved means costs must increase too. Bed Bugs like to hang out where people rest or stay for long periods of time, so, a plane would be an ideal candidate. Bed Bugs have also been re-introduced to the US through international travel. All of this leads this writer to believe this ladies story is very plausible. Once the bugs are on the plane they are difficult to eradicate without a lot of time and effort. I feel for this ladies circumstance and pray she did not cross infest her home with these bugs.

Beware the Black Death

Just a friendly warning, don’t play with wild squirrels. I know they’re cute and all but, they could give you Bubonic plague. The plague has been discovered in Southern California for the first time since 2000. NO camp grounds have been quarantined but a squirrel was found as the carrier.
If you play with or feed the squirrels you could get a lot more than you bargained for. Only 11% of people who contract the disease in the US die from it but I don’t want to test out that statistic. Be careful while camping and stay clear of the cute furry wildlife as they are not as harmless as they appear.


We are Being Invaded... By Bugs

While this article is rather long it is a great reminder that non-native insect species are a great threat to our country, our agriculture, and ultimately our lives. Non-native species affect us a lot here in Orange County. We have the ever present Argentine Ant invasion, the Red Imported Fire Ant, and now the Asian Psyllid.
We must be ever vigilant of all bugs spiders and termites and not take them for granted. PacWest Exterminators has access to an entomologist who can identify and diagnose any problem we may encounter. If you are on service with us and have a bug you’re unsure about, then please save a specimen for us. We can take the insect and have it properly ID’d by a licensed and trained professional to provide us all peace of mind!